Calling Workshop - Dallas, TX

January 30th, 2018

People in the DFW Metroplex have a unique opportunity. LeTourneau University's Center for Faith & Work is co-hosting a Calling Workshop with Park Cities Presbyterian Church. 

The story of your life is part of an epic saga orchestrated by God. He designed you with specific gifts and abilities to play a critical role. But what is it? What is the unique contribution God created you to make? How can you know?

Based on a biblical understanding of giftedness, in this workshop, you will gain understanding about the work God designed you to do. No matter where you are in your life journey, the design profile you create at the workshop will enable you to ...

  • Chart a path for what's next
  • Make informed career choices that honor your unique calling
  • Find and do your best work
  • Experience joy and satisfaction from using your God-given gifts to fulfill your calling
  • Say Yes with conviction and No without guilt to opportunities

Workshop Leader: BILL HENDRICKS

Bill Hendricks is President of The Giftedness Center, and for the last twenty years, he has been helping people make critical life and career decisions based on their giftedness. In addition to his practice at The Giftedness Center, Bill serves as the Executive Director for Christian Leadership at The Hendricks Center at Dallas Theological Seminary.

The cost for all three days is only $50, and you can register here.

For more information, contact Bill Peel, Executive Director of LeTourneau University's Center for Faith & Work: 214.932.1112 or

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