Erik Franks- Alumni Spotlight

April 11th, 2018

Erik Franks- Alumnus of 2009

"People always ask, 'Why are you so happy all the time?' You need to understand that that's not normal. It's sad that it's not normal. It SHOULD be normal. It is our job as Christians to MAKE that normal. Because that is the love of Christ."

Erik Franks graduated in 2009 from LeTourneau University and works for Hong Kong Airlines as a First Officer. He is our first featured LeTourneau University Alumni in our new Alumni Spotlight.

What's great about the Alumni Spotlight is there are no scripts, no fed lines, no teleprompter, sometimes not even a decent internet connection! We did online interviews with our alumni to see them in their own settings and get authentic and unedited answers to our questions about how they integrate their faith into their work.

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