Center for Faith & Work at LeTourneau University

November 25th, 2017

How to Boost Creativity in Yourself and Others

Michelangelo Buonarroti, Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, and of course R.G. LeTourneau were all exceptional innovators and creative geniuses in their fields. But is creativity limited to a rare breed of innovative human beings?  Until recently, research about creativity...

November 27th, 2017

Why Packing Lunches and Helping with Homework Have Eternal Value | Anna Arnold

by Anna Arnold Do you wonder what you’re accomplishing when you have to cajole and cheerlead your kids through their homework each night? Or how about getting up at the crack of dawn to play air-traffic controller for the morning routine—packing lunches, making...

via Bill Peel
January 8th, 2018

The Rest of My Life | Webinar

Deep inside, most people know they were created for more than the mundane, monotonous, "everydayness" of life. Is it possible to know, with any confidence, what God wants me to do with the rest of my life? According to the Bible, our lives are part of the most extraordinary story—God’s...

Channel(s): Calling and Career
January 30th, 2018

Faith & Work Conference 2018

It is our privilege to announce the Grace Bible Church Faith & Work Conference happening March 2 & 3 in La Vernia, Texas near the San Antonio area. Dr. Bill Peel will be speaking on topics such as "Don't Miss Your Calling," "Earning the Right to Be Heard," and more! Three meals will...

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January 30th, 2018

Romancing the Work | LIVE Webinar

Do you love or loathe your work? Do you find it hard to get up in the morning knowing what you are about to walk into? Maybe it's a hostile environment, an unreasonable employer, or you just can't find the internal motivation to complete your daily and weekly tasks.... According to...

January 30th, 2018

Calling Workshop - Dallas, TX

People in the DFW Metroplex have a unique opportunity. LeTourneau University's Center for Faith & Work is co-hosting a Calling Workshop with Park Cities Presbyterian Church.  The story of your life is part of an epic saga orchestrated by God. He designed you with specific gifts and...

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February 11th, 2018

Work Is Not the Way It’s Supposed to Be

When I was a kid, my parents decided to build their own home. It was a marvelous plan – a beautiful house in the suburbs, custom-built on a wooded lot next to a lake. The builder they hired promised amazing things – several sliding glass doors so there would always be an unobstructed view...

January 7th, 2018

Pastors Lunch with Richard Blackaby

PLEASE JOIN US FOR A PASTORS LUNCH Carpe Monday: Leveraging the Workplace for Kingdom Impact Speaker: Richard Blackaby February 26, 11:30-1:00 Allen Family Student Center at LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas Hosted by the Center for Faith & Work and Texas Baptist Association Cost...